We're always seeking extraordinary and creative individuals to tackle the challenging research problems in global health. The Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM) is a highly dynamic organization with a work environment that is defined by innovation and collaboration. Our research and software teams are made up of a diverse and talented group of individuals attacking the complex problems found within global health to improve the world we live in. As part of Intellectual Ventures Global Good initiative, IDM is committed to improving and saving lives in developing countries through the use of quantitative analysis.


Research Scientist – Applied Math / Computational Sciences

We seek a full-time Research Scientist to join IDM’s Applied Math team, which aims to develop algorithms and workflows that increase the usability, capability, and efficiency of the end-to-end modeling process. The Research Scientist will conduct novel and translational research to support the use of data and models in making better decisions regarding health and development. In addition to algorithm development, the scientist will apply and refine these methods in partnership with programmatic teams within IDM and beyond. Successful applicants will command a deep and diverse technical knowledge of applied mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

Research Scientist (Computational Modeling)

We seek a full-time Research Scientist to work as part of the IDM global development research team to collaborate on the development, refinement, and application of sophisticated models of vaccine-preventable infectious diseases for epidemiological research and eradication-campaign planning, focusing primarily on immediate applications to measles. The scientific responsibilities of this role will include a combination of: analyzing existing data on immunization and disease incidence; utilizing and refining IDM’s existing measles models; identifying promising new modeling approaches in the literature and implementing them

Research Manager, HIV/TB

The HIV and TB research programs at IDM provide analytical support to our strategic partners on population-level dynamics questions, including predictions of epidemic trends, impacts of intervention-targeting scenarios, target product profiles for specific use cases, and insights into risk factors and drivers of variability in epidemic patterns across demographic, temporal, and spatial scales. The HIV and TB Research Manager, reporting to the Director of Global Health Research, will work closely with the other software and research groups at IDM to develop and apply a reusable set of open-source modeling tools to address specific policy questions, while also advancing their use more widely in the community.

Research Statistician

We seek a full-time Research Statistician to identify and lead or support research projects relevant to different aspects of the group’s analysis and modeling work (e.g. Polio, vaccine preventable diseases, health delivery), as well as to actively partner/support with other teams at IDM (e.g. MNCH, Health Economics, Measles, Epidemiology, Malaria, HIV/TB, etc). Joining our group provides unique opportunities to interact with global health policy makers, to collaborate with world-class research laboratories and non-profit organizations, and to contribute to global and national disease eradication strategies.

Research Program Manager

The Program Manager will work with research teams at the Institute for Disease Modeling to facilitate and accelerate large, complex, and time-sensitive projects. They help the research teams to consistently deliver high impact modeling and analytics results, reporting directly to the directors of research..


Information Technology Operational Manager

The IDM IT Operational Manager will lead an operations team as they support an elite team of software developers, testers, and researchers tasked with advanced scientific investigation at the Institute for Disease Modeling. This position will work closely with the entire IDM team to deploy and sustain our software and hardware systems, ensuring the stability of our computing environment. This position reports to the Director of Software Test and Operations – IDM.



No open positions at this time


IDM partners with selected universities, NGOs, government ministries, and other research and public health institutions focused on researching new ways to understand and combat diseases both locally and globally. If you are interested in learning more about collaborating with us, please contact recruiting@idmod.org.