The Institute for Disease Modeling


infectious disease policy
and programs with
data-driven analysis

The Institute for Disease Modeling


comprehensive disease transmission dynamics to inform eradication campaigns

The Institute for Disease Modeling


quantitative decision-making tools for the eradication and control of infectious diseases

The Institute for Disease Modeling


the eradication of
infectious disease by the
global health community

The Institute for Disease Modeling


on eradication with the
global health community




The research and modeling team at IDM is focused on providing support to disease eradication programs and other global health endeavors through a variety of modeling and statistical approaches.

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Mathematical models are a helpful tool for testing assumptions of disease features. Most of the time, results of a mathematical modelling study match mental models of expert opinion...

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Inspired by a collaborative and multidisciplinary effort from the scientific community, IDM's innovative software tools provide a qualitative and analytical means to model infectious disease.

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Registration is now open for IDM's 3rd Annual Modeling Symposium which will take place 20 April – 22 April 2015.... Read more

Humans have dealt with Tuberculosis (tubercle bacillus or TB) for thousands of years, dating back 6,000 years. They... Read more

Featured Research Project

The EMOD Tuberculosis model is now available for download. The TB model has been used to address the interventions necessary to achieve the 2025 and 2035 TB Global Targets in China, India, and South Africa.


Recognized as a global emergency by WHO in 1993, the TB epidemic remains a major global health issue. In 2013, an estimated 9 million people developed TB disease and there were 1.5 million deaths.  Read more.

As part of Intellectual Ventures' Global Good initiative,
the Institute for Disease Modeling (IDM) is the preeminent quantitative
analysis center shaping strategies and building innovative tools to accelerate
 the eradication of infectious disease by the global health community.