Stewart Chang

Research Scientist
Stewart Chang has a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from the University of Michigan, where he researched the mathematical modeling of host response to tuberculosis (TB) bacterium. He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry, as well as Latin, from Rice University. Stewart has over ten years of experience with a variety of computational modeling and analysis techniques, including post-doctoral work at the University of British Columbia (UBC) as well as at the University of Washington, Seattle (UW), where he investigated the mathematical modeling of HIV infection at UBC, and did genomic analysis of influenza-infected and HIV-infected cells at the UW. Stewart also has a strong community focus. Before turning to research, he joined Teach for America and taught math in rural south Louisiana, where he worked with under-resourced communities. As a member of IDM’s research team, Stewart is currently developing and parameterizing the IDM model of HIV infection, and is working on the IDM model of TB infection.