Assaf Oron

Research Manager
Assaf Oron started his quantitative career in deterministic-dominated paradigms, earning a B.Sc. in physics followed by an M.Sc. in environmental science where he modeled water flow in a rock fracture. In between the two he taught elementary school kids how to catch bugs. After several years in industry, Assaf switched fields and continents, arriving from Israel to the University of Washington for Ph.D. studies in statistics. At UW Assaf helped start the local chapter of StatCom, a student-run service for pro-bono statistical consulting. Prior to joining IDM, Assaf worked at the UW MESA Air pollution study, and at Seattle Children's. Among other topics, he has contributed to methods for clinical trial design, spatiotemporal modeling, and analysis of high-dimensional data. At IDM Assaf focuses on general strategy development for interventions with high impact potential upon maternal, neonate and child health. He is humbled and excited at the opportunity to help improve so many lives.