Guillaume Chabot-Couture

Director of Global Development Research
Guillaume Chabot-Couture is an Associate Principal Investigator in the IDM program, and leads the analysis and model usage section. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University, where he focused on experimental and theoretical cuprate superconductor research, as evidenced by his dissertation, “Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Studies of Anomalous Oxygen Order in Superconducting Mercury Barium Copper Oxide & of Charge-transfer Excitations in Related Undoped Lamellar Copper Oxides”. Guillaume has received two national post-graduate scholarships from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and has also published several papers in such journals as the New Journal of Physics and Physical Review. In his spare time, Guillaume has served as a lecturer and leader for the Canadian Physics Olympiad. Guillaume’s research interests include vaccination campaign data analysis and modeling, disease risk estimation, financial projections, and weather modeling.