Joel Miller

Sr. Research Scientist
Joel Miller is a Mathematical Modeler focused on the dynamic behavior of complex systems of interacting agents. Much of his work has focused on the spread of diseases through contact networks, with a recent emphasis on deriving low-dimensional models for disease spread in a population in which partnerships are neither permanent nor fleeting. He recently coauthored a text on disease spread in networks and produced a software package combining many of the standard approaches in the field. He is a Hertz Fellow. His PhD at Cambridge University in fluid dynamics was awarded the “Vernon Harrison” award from the British Society of Rheology for the top (UK) thesis in the field of rheology that year. He switched his focus to infectious disease spread during postdocs at Los Alamos, the University of British Columbia CDC, and a joint postdoc with the Harvard School of Public Health and Fogarty International Center. He held faculty positions at Penn State University and Monash University (in Melbourne). He joined the applied mathematics group at IDM in March of 2016.