Inspired by a collaborative and multidisciplinary effort from the scientific community, IDM’s innovative software tools provide a qualitative and analytical means to model infectious disease. Tools are provided to the scientific community to accelerate the exploration of disease eradication through the use of computational modeling.


The Epidemiological Modeling (EMOD) software provides an infrastructure that is designed primarily for use by disease modelers, researchers, epidemiologists, and public health professionals seeking to simulate infectious disease conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of eradication or mitigation approaches. The software is an agent-based, discrete time, Monte Carlo simulator used for disease modeling. The architecture provides disease transmission for environmental, sexual, vector based and air borne diseases and may be adapted to support additional infectious diseases. The binary software or source files are available for download.

The EMOD Source Code allows you to view and modify the modeling code. You can create custom reporters to aggregate the output data for your research needs. You can extend EMOD’s functionality, however you must verify that your modifications are scientifically valid. The EMOD Source Code includes regression tests to help you assess the impact of your changes. Click on the documentation icon for directions on how to download, build, and verify the source.


COMputational Platform Service (COMPS) delivers the essential tools used for infectious disease modelers to all of IDM's global health community. COMPS distributes the encapsulated scientific knowledge essential for infectious disease modeling to a subscribed user thereby eliminating the need for each collaborative institute to duplicate critical data and scientific software. In the near future COMPS, via a user interface or open API set, will deliver the following key services:

  • Access to terabytes of information to construct modeling input files for weather, demographics and migration input files
  • Editing and visualization capabilities for weather, demographics and campaign files
  • Management of Experiments and Simulations
  • Charts and animations used for analysis
  • Access to High Performance Computing resources
  • Modeling services:
    • Experiment Builder
    • Separatrix
    • Calibration
    • Custom Analysis

For further information on COMPS please email


Support of the collaborative science community is important for the overall mission of IDM. You can contact IDM by emailing for support with IDM's modeling software and tools. Support is limited to the terms of the software license agreement. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (PST). We will do our best to respond to support related questions within 48 business hours upon reception of the email.