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Tony Ting has a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) with Honors in Computer Science from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. His final year project focused on handwriting recognition in form documents. Tony started his career in software at HSBC Bank where he developed risk management software for the electronic cash project MONDEX, and developed misc front-end components of the HSBC internet banking site. He then worked for Microsoft on SQL Server developing internal tools for both programmability features and engineering support systems, as well as the development of a services verification framework in SQL Azure. Prior to working at IDM, Tony helped build a large scale peer-to-peer cloud storage network for a startup company.

As a member of the IDM software team, Tony is currently leading the development of various verification tools and processes for the computing infrastructure for disease modeling. He also create tools to scientifically validate the demographics, migration and climate data used by the EMOD software.