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In the olden days, Peter Sylwester went from studying Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design, straight-away to manipulating digital imagery on computers that were as big as a house. Then, as the computers got smaller and the images got bigger, Peter retouched and assembled digital imagery for big and fancy advertising agencies in Boston and San Francisco. As the internet came along, Peter surfed that wave as an animator of elaborate interfaces and developer of online games. In the subsequent years of the so-called Web 2.0, Peter joined Eddie Bauer to help engineer an integration of fashion and ecommerce, and then years later, at the advent of the smartphone revolution, worked as a technologist and design thinker for T-Mobile in their advanced innovations laboratory, the Creation Center. All the while, Peter has taught certification courses in multimedia development, design, and introductory programming at Portland State University and Bellevue Community College. At IDM, Peter designs and engineers interfaces intended to facilitate human interaction with complex workflows on high-performance computing technologies.