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DC Sutliffe has a Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Computer Science from the University of the Pacific, as well as completing Master of Science coursework in Computer Information Systems. DC has more than 10 years of System Engineering experience including progressive responsibility and expertise in Quality Assurance Analysis, Configuration Management, and AT&T Core Network Architecture, Test Automation as well as Project Management within the Software Testing Field. Prior to joining IDM, she worked for the Turkish Government on the Istanbul Seismic Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness(ISMEP) in combination with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East) supporting the implementation of EDX SignalPro that aided in the testing of calculations and statistical analysis of base Radio Frequency (RF) simulations. DC has worked for larger corporations, freelanced for small start-ups, as well as volunteered for humanitarian, political and environmental organizations. As a member of the IDM software team, DC’s current work focuses on supporting and testing the IDM Large Data Project.