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Navideh Noori was a postdoctoral research associate at the Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, for three years where she worked on developing mathematical and computational models of disease transmission, and application of statistical inference method and transmission models to infectious disease incidence data. Specifically she worked on two projects: 1) understanding the determinants of polio transmission and its large-scale epidemiology using a machine learning algorithm, 2) quantifying the consequences of measles-induced immune suppression for whooping cough epidemiology. She holds a PhD in Forest Hydrology from Auburn University, and a Master of Science in Civil Eng-Water Resource Eng from University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. During her PhD, she focused on understanding the dynamics interplay between environmental variations and public health concern, namely flooding and infectious diseases (West Nile Virus), by applying a combination of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, machine learning algorithms, field experiments, laboratory work, and statistical modeling. Navideh is a member of the epidemiology team at IDM where she works on developing an algorithm to identify high-risk pregnancies as well as continuing her work on transmission dynamics of infectious diseases using mathematical, statistical and machine learning models.