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Marita R. Zimmermann has a PhD in health economics and outcomes research from the University of Washington. She also holds a Master’s in Public Health from Brown University and a Bachelor of Science in chemical and biomedical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. For her doctoral dissertation, she evaluated the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of an active surveillance pharmacovigilance program for HIV drugs in Namibia. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship with Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, in which she designed and implemented novel cost-effectiveness models for new and existing drugs within selected disease areas, such as multiple sclerosis, blindness, and atopic dermatitis. These models were designed to inform payer or other stakeholder decision making and to influence U.S. policy. Marita has completed many other cost-effectiveness, budget impact, and program evaluation models in both U.S. and global health settings in varying disease areas. Marita’s research uses econometric, epidemiologic, and modeling methods to evaluate and increase value in health. She has produced many peer-reviewed publications in journals such as Drug Safety, Journal of AIDS, Journal of the American Pharmacy Association, and American Journal of Public Health. As an economist in IDM's analysis and model usage center, Marita models the economic effects of infectious disease and vaccination, and assesses value of interventions. Her work aims to inform decision makers how to get the most bang for their healthcare buck.