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André Lin has a PhD in Medical Sciences from the Radboud University Medical Centre, Netherlands, along with a Master’s degree and a PhD in Applied Biology from the University of Ouagadougou. He was also awarded a graduate scholarship in Biology Engineering from the University of Sciences and Technology in Algiers where his interest lay in the biological and anti-bacterial properties of a cobalt-60’s sterile irradiated amniotic membrane tissue. As a doctoral candidate, André Lin used sensitive molecular tools and first quantified the full extent of the human reservoir for gametocytes. Prior to joining IDM, André Lin was Principal Investigator of epidemiological and clinical studies at CNRFP, Ouagadougou. His work contributed novel and highly relevant findings about malaria low-density infections and immunity to accurately understand the composition and dynamics of the infectious reservoir to facilitate current and future malaria control and elimination efforts. He also acted as temporary advisor for WHO. As part of the research team at IDM, André works to identify and organize input data in order to refine and apply models to conduct sensitivity analyses as well as explore trade-offs among multiple interventions. His concentration is optimizing disease eradication plans for time, cost, and robustness and developing novel diagnostic techniques in support of elimination and eradication of malaria.