Friday, August 15, 2014

2015 IDM Modeling Symposium Announced

The 2015 IDM Modeling Symposium is scheduled for Monday April 20 - Wednesday April 22 2015.  The 2014 Symposium focused on modeling approaches with a particular emphasis on the logistics and rollouts of drugs, vaccines, vector controls, and other treatment programs. Next year's symposium will focus on the intersection of data and modeling as applied to global health. We will be looking at careful model construction, calibration, understanding the counterfactual and uncertainty, and how to address these issues with the exciting new developments in data ranging from spatial variation in case counts, human migration, genetic data, and more.

There will be a special focus on spatial analysis with questions ranging from the data required to address health program challenges, how to improve scientific rigor around spatial models and the development of accessory tools to simplify analysis. Spatial analyses for global health programs will have a special focus on outreach with sessions planned on polio, malaria, HIV, and TB, as well as Human African Trypanosomiasis, pneumonia, and enteric infections.