IDM builds a variety of software tools to aid the research community in exploring disease dynamics through computational modeling. The documentation below provides information about how to install the software, configure models, run simulations, and analyze results.

The documentation for the primary software, Epidemiological MODeling software (EMOD), is organized by diseases that have specific modeling support, such as HIV or malaria, and the general disease documentation describes how to configure EMOD to simulate diseases that aren’t specifically supported, such as influenza or measles.

EMOD is a stochastic, mechanistic, agent-based model that simulates the actions and interactions of individuals in an area to model disease dynamics in a population.


Compartmental Modeling Software (IDM-CMS) enables construction of stochastic compartmental models using a variety of different solvers.


Vis-Tools helps you gain deeper insight into disease dynamics by creating layered, animated visualizations of the output of your model simulations.