Running Vis-Tools from COMPS

This page gives a quick overview of how to run Vis-Tools from within the COMPS system.

To use Vis-Tools this way, you’ll need to create or otherwise have access to a spatial simulation, which is to say, a simulation with multiple nodes that have latitude/longitude geospatial locations.

Locate a target simulation in COMPS

  1. Log into COMPS using your account credentials

  2. Navigate to Explore > Simulations

  3. Locate a spatial simulation for visualization. When you select such a simulation, you’ll see the following in the Spatial tab of Explore’s Details pane.



  1. Click the Preprocess button to launch a COMPS work item to perform preprocessing on the simulation. Preprocessing for Vis-Tools will not modify or damage the simulation in any way. After you click the Preprocess button, the Spatial tab will change to this:

  2. After the preprocessing work item completes successfully, you’ll see the spatial tab change again:



  1. Click the Visualize button to launch Vis-Tools on the simulation’s data.


The preprocessing script created a visset that lets us see our nodes on the map, with no bindings between our simulation’s outputs and the visual parameters of the visualization at all. It’s a good starting point for us to customize the visualization to our needs.

To learn more about the Geospatial visualization client, see Geospatial visualization.