Vis-Tools, like many visualization systems, makes relatively high demands on your computer and video graphics processor (GPU).


Vis-Tools is only tested on the Microsoft Windows platform. It may work on Linux and MacOS, but its use on those operating systems is not supported by IDM.

Computer requirements

Minimum configuration

  • Hardware-accelerated WebGL
  • 2 GB RAM

Additional software

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera web browser

Using Vis-Tools standalone

To run Vis-Tools on your local computer, there are a few additional prerequisites for operation of Vis-Tools. If you are already running EMOD, you likely already meet the requirements.

Additional software

  • Python 2.7.11+ or 3.6.3+ with Python in your PATH environment variable
  1. Install Python 3.6. See for instructions.

    • In the Customize Python dialog box, verify that Add python.exe to PATH is selected to add Python to the PATH environment variable on your computer.
  2. Open a Command Prompt window and type the following to verify installation:

    python --version

The Python package manager, pip, is installed as part of Python 3.6 and is used to install other software packages.

Supported web browsers

Vis-Tools supports the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera web browsers, although it has been most extensively tested on Google Chrome. These browsers can be obtained via the following links.